CH Camarada Winter Winds

“Dreamsicle” was the yellow girl from the Polar Vortex litter.  She also stuck around here at Camarada to be shown.  She got 10 points including a major in two weekends being handled by breeder/owner Brittney Valle and was handled to her championship in two additional weekends with handler Ann Rairigh.  Dream finished from the 6-9 puppy class.  She retired from the show ring at 9 months old and is a grooming competition partner with her other owner, Hannah Kohlhofer!  Check out her pedigree here!

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Chic # 157284

Osteochondrodysplasia       Normal/Clear                       PO-OC691/7F-PI

PRCD/PRA                             Genotypically normal         PO-PRA2536/7F-PI

Eyes CERF                             Normal                                PO-EYE6878/17F-VPI

Hips                                      Good                                   PO-29785G24F-VPI

Elbows                                  Normal                                PO-EL6244F24-VPI

Legg-Calve-Perthes             Normal                                 PO-LP2076/24F-VPI

Patella                                  Normal                                 PO-PA7059/24F/P-VPI