“Beans” Litter

There were six puppies whelped in this litter. Four of these puppies went to show homes.

Jelly–Camarada & Karelea Cool Beans stayed here with us.

Jackson (formerly Coffee)– Camarada & Karelea Spill The Beans is shared between us and Stacy Newton.

Noah (formerly Mung)–CH Camarada & Karelea Bean There Done That is co-owned with new show owner Megan Hall.

Chili– Camarada & Karelea Bean Counter at Dulcinea is co-owned with Sue Talkington of Dulcinea poodles.

Brulee (formerly Fava) — Camarada & Karelea Never Bean Better is a wonderful companion to his family.

Westley (formerly Garbanzo) — Camarada & Karelea Dread Bean Roberts is a wonderful companion and grooming contest dog with his owner, Emily.